Agriculture Equipment Cleaning

Keehn On Clean is proud to offer professional Agricultural Equipment Cleaning as part of our services. We provide an eco-friendly alternative to prevent the introduction or spread of diseases like clubroot that will decrease crop yield and quality. Our methods will help prevent or eliminate the introduction of a disease or pest to your farm or field.

Agricultural Equipment Cleaning

At Keehn On Clean, we are proud to live in a region where the farm industry is healthy. While you focus on the harvest, livestock and the long list of tasks, you can count on our team to provide the maintenance you need to keep your farming business strong.

Guidelines for Cleaning Farm Equipment

Agricultural and farm machinery should be pressure washed over an unpaved area (e.g. grass or gravel). Cleaning over unpaved surfaces allows soap-filled water to soak into the ground to be filtered and eventually recharge the groundwater. Equipment should be washed no closer than 100 feet from any wellhead. Another reason you don’t want to clean on a paved surface is water could eventually be discharged into a lake or stream through storm drains, leaving you open to environmental litigation.

Farm Machine Cleaning

We know your gear is more than just a machine; it’s a need and serves as the lifeblood to keep your farm alive. Agricultural equipment requires yearly maintenance to function to the best of its ability. Our technicians provide this service with a soft pressure wash and a tailored clean to remove dirt, dust, gravel and any other debris.

Caring for Your Farm Equipment

The Keehn On Clean team is equipped with the expertise to note potential problem areas so that issues can be brought to your attention before they become costly or permanent. When you choose us, for your agricultural and farm cleaning needs, you can always rest assured that your equipment will not only look better but most importantly it will function better.