Our industrial equipment service cleans tar, asphalt, concrete dust and dirt from your equipment including the pivot points, pins, and articulating points. We remove excess grease, muck, dirt build-up and mud from all types of heavy equipment. Call today for your free, no-obligation quote.

Why is Keeping My Equipment Clean Important?


Regular cleaning of your heavy equipment is important not only for a company image. It helps to identify issues at early stages: leaks, broken parts, rust etc. This gives you a chance to take care of these issues and get them fixed before it lets you down.

Additionally, a clean engine overheats less, as it’s free of dirt, grime and debris. During hot summer months, dirty radiators on your excavator, loader or other heavy machines can put your operation to a halt.

Keehn On Clean technicians are fully insured, experienced and well-trained. Our company uses environmentally responsible products. We provide mobile pressure washing services that fully comply with the strict municipal by-laws.

We use hot and cold mobile pressure washing techniques, manual brushing, eco-friendly chemicals and detergents to make sure we deliver the best cleaning results for your heavy equipment.

Your employees will be happier when they operate a well-maintained and clean piece of machinery, they will care more about the equipment themselves if they see their company cares about it.

Our schedule is flexible. We work after hours and weekends when necessary to minimize your downtime.