Safety is always the first job. We have an extensive health & safety program which complies with all Provincial Government regulations.

Safety in Everything We Do!

Keehn on Clean believes that safety is an integral component of every facet of the job. No one is to put themselves or others at risk of injury. Our crews follow the Keehn on Clean (Safety Management System) SMS that has proven to be successful. Keehn on Cleans SMS has many components which include the pre-job (Field Level Hazard Assessment) FLHA form that is required to be completed prior to the task. The (Job Hazard Assessment) JHA is also required to be reviewed before undertaking the respective work. The associated SDS Safety Data Sheets are reviewed to ensure our workers are familiar with the hazards and controls of all our products we use to ensure safe and effective cleaning is conducted for our clients and each other. Keehn On Clean is a member contractor with ISNetworld.
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