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It is my pleasure to recommend Keehn on Clean Pressure Washing. I have and will continue to use Keehn on Clean Pressure Washing to clean my equipment. For reasons being they are BBB accredited and have successfully achieved the COR designation and are reliable and strive to do the job right the first time.

Keehn on Clean Pressure Washing has cleaned my rock slinger trucks, concrete trucks, loaders, excavators & skid steers. The Keehn on Clean employees have always performed their services with safety as a main component in every task they do. I have been present during discussions of how to proceed with pressure washing my equipment in a safe manor and completed their FLHA forms. Being in construction I have personally taken notice that the Keehn employees wear PPE to ensure their safety.

Keehn employees take pride in their work and I have the highest regard for the owner and crews who provide us this service. Keehn has a strong understanding of what products are required to remove the buildup of oils, grease, road tar and dirt as well as the correct water temperature for the task. Impact has had other companies provide us with pressure washing services and Keehn has proven to be the best in many aspects such as response time, safety and the execution of pressure washing services. They also have a great system in place for the containment of materials during the cleaning process.

To conclude this letter as a business owner we save time and money having Keehn on clean provide this service as my employees can rely on the equipment being cleaned properly and professionally and do not have to spend time re-cleaning equipment for use.

Darko Kolundzik

President, Impact Earthworx Ltd.

I have had the pleasure of using the services of KEEHN ON CLEAN PRESSURE WASHING for pressure washing my highway tractors . They have provided an outstanding service since the first time we used them. My drivers have commented that this is the cleanest that the units have ever been. They are well educated in what chemicals to use for the removal of all types of grime, be it winter road grime such as salt and mud to various greases and oils. They are very safety conscious with the use of their chemicals and the surrounding environment. They are knowledgeable of the proper way to clean engines and their surrounding components safely.

I have been so impressed with their quality of work and cleanliness that I recommended them to one of my clients, ROGERS FOODS LTD.. They are now washing tractors and trailers for them as well.

I have nothing but the highest regards for KEEHN ON CLEAN PRESSURE WASHING and would recommend them highly for all your mobile and heavy equipment.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding KEEHN ON CLEAN PRESSURE WASHING.

Ray Elliot

President, Ray Elliot Trucking

Over the last 18 months I have contracted the services of Keehn on Clean to pressure wash equipment within our sawmill on many occasions, choosing them over others for their superior attitude, their ability to work with minimal direction, and their strict adherence to safety.

The heavy industrial environment of a sawmill frequently demands working in awkward spaces often in the vicinity of electrical control devices. When a job plan is discussed with the Keehn on Clean staff, they are eager and wiling to take the time to tarp or bag devices protect all the sensitive equipment. Since they have worked with us we have not had any issues with electrical device failure following pressure washing. Other pressure washing contractors avoid the responsibility of it altogether or they require constant supervision while preparing the area. Keehn on Clean just gets the job done without any issues.

Two other ways that they surpass the performance of other pressure washing contractors is that they clean up thoroughly after themselves, vacuuming up and disposing of all residual water. They also keep an eye open for mechanical issues that are exposed when cleaning and bring them to my attention for follow up.

I am also very impressed with the safety protocols implemented by Keehn on Clean. Safety is obviously a core value for them and that is of utmost importance to us here at Tolko as well.

Lastly, I want to say that Korey and Ted have always been straightforward to deal with. They do a great job and their billing is always in order. I have no hesitation in recommending Keehn on Clean for your pressure washing requirements, whatsoever.

Sari Cox

Maintenance Supervisor/Planner, Tolko Industries